The Finale area is famous throughout Europe and the rest of the world for the high concentration of crags, in fact there are 192 sectorsAt the moment there are more than 3500 routes scattered across the area.

The rock is a type of limestone with pockets with the style of climbing generally with a single crux move.

The routes are mainly on vertical walls but there are also slabs, overhangs and a few roofs. It is the very easy routes and very difficult routes that are missing. As someone who bolts regularly in the area I can assure you, given the geological formation of the cliffs, it is more likely that you will come across steep walls than easy slabs. Really easy routes in Finale are few and far between.

If you climb on the grades 6a to 7b this is the ideal place for you.

The average length of routes is 20 meters but there are also multi-pitch routes up to 250 meters long.

One of the main advantages of Finale is that you can climb all year round… it is unlikely to be far too hot or far too cold. The worst month however is August, which is usually the hottest month of the year, when you can still climb but the number of crags in the shade is limited.

Soon the list of 192 crags in Finale area..indicating the important characteristics of each one: direction the wall faces, grades, GPS co-ordinates and type of bolting… happy climbing!